About Us

Pronto Personnel provides high quality service, skill and expertise.
Over 20 years in the Staffing, Labor and Employment Industry.

Current Projects You name it, we′re on it.
Happy Customers It keeps us going!
Certifications Any and all certifications.
Devotion To safety, respect and loyalty

Who We Are

Pronto Personnel was founded with the goal of providing reliable, quality, temporary workers and laborers at competitive prices for any skill set. We can provide skilled, semi-skilled, general labor or professional staffing resources for days, weeks, or longer.

Whether you need help on a job site, at a warehouse or in the front office, Pronto Personnel is one of the premier staffing agencies that can meet the demands of these positions to get the job done the right way, the first time.
Pronto Personnel handles payroll and all taxes and insurance including workers’ compensation coverage, FICA payments, IRS withholding taxes and unemployment taxes.

With over 20 years in the staffing, employment and recruiting industry, we have the experience, knowledge and “know how” to provide you with the right employee, or complete staff to get the job done the “Pronto Way”.
Our talented and professional team is here for you for any occasion, providing high quality service and expertise.

Seasonal highs and lows in business can be very costly. Employee screening, background checks, hiring, laying off, and employee expenses are just some of the additional responsibilities that can be eliminated by using Pronto Personnel Staffing & Labor.

Contact us today and let Pronto show you how we can save you time, money and provide you with exceptional staffing, employees and labor!


Our employees matter to us, and they matter to one another. Ensuring their safety is more important than anything else we do.


Definition: Cooperative or coordinated effort on the part of a group of persons acting together as a team or in the interests of a common cause.


Pronto Personnel over 20 years of staffing and recruitment experience. We’re dedicated to our family, and we’re dedicated to our customers.


We consider our employees and customer service to be second to none. We provide exceptional and reliable service that has helped form trustworthy, long term relationships with our customers.


Pronto Personnel will provide you with a professional, productive and cost-efficient workforce. All while taking on all liabilities for you as well, to get the job done the right way.


We put our customers first. Period. We recruit the proper individuals to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Our recruiters work toward achieving this goal by providing thorough background checks and drug tests.